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Exercising to boost your metabolism!

We’ve all got a friend who constantly munches away on crisps, chocolate and pizza but still manages to maintain the perfect beach body. What’s their secret? Well, chances are that they have a high metabolism.

Metabolism is the process of the body burning calories and converting them into energy. Those with a high metabolism are able to burn fat quicker than those with a slow metabolism, whose bodies store calories as fat.

There are loads of ways to boost your metabolism but few are better than maintaining a regular exercise routine. Those who visit the gym regularly tend to have a faster metabolism because their body needs more energy on a daily basis. After a few weeks of maintaining an exercise routine, most people tend to naturally burn more calories every day – even when taking a few days off from the gym.

But what sort of exercise is best to boost metabolism?


People may think that activities such as jogging or aerobics are best for boosting metabolism but that isn’t always the case. Muscle-building exercises such as weight-lifting can also be a great option.

It’s estimated that you can burn an extra 10 calories a day for every pound of muscle you have - so those trying to boost their metabolism might want to try bulking up at the same time.


When it comes to boosting metabolism, it is better for you to work hard and fast rather than slow and steady. The key is to try and keep your heart rate as high as possible throughout your workout. Circuit running, which involves 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 30 seconds of slow jogging, is a great metabolism booster.


Regular exercise alone isn’t always enough to produce a high metabolism. It’s also important to maintain a steady, healthy protein-rich diet which is relatively fat-free. People who stuff their body with too many fatty foods can clog up their liver, which is one of the body’s major fat-burning organs.

On the other hand, those who crash diet will cause their body to hold on to the calories it has for longer in order to survive.

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