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Nutritional Tips


Nutritional Tips

Nutritional Tips

Avoid overeating

Try to find a balance between being too full and being hungry. Don’t eat when you are no longer hungry, avoid those extra calories. Overeating only leads to unwanted excess calories and that uncomfortable feeling of being too full. Making you feel guilty and having a negative effect on your confidence. Be mindful that every time you eat those extra bites, they are not going to make you feel better. They will probably make you feel worse.


Think before you eat

Ask yourself questions such as “do I really need this?” step back and look at the food you are about to eat “is this good for me, is this healthy, can my body easily digest this?”


Sugar is one of the worst things for our bodies, in terms of weight loss it is to be avoided at all costs. Sugar provides an instant hit of glucose to the body giving you instant energy. This instant energy doesn’t last long and shortly afterwards the glucose is used up and you are left craving more “instant energy” like more sugar.

Eat natural

If it grows in the ground it’s good to go, try to eat food from the earth rather than a factory. Lean cuts of meat and fresh vegetables should be your choice over processed foods and sugary snacks that will kill your metabolism. White potatoes are high in starch which your body converts to sugar very quickly. Buy organic as much as possible to avoid consuming the pesticides used to preserve the cheaper veggies.


Drink plenty of water 2-5 litres per day, water helps with all bodily functions and helps flush out toxins through urine.

Control portion sizes

Trick yourself into consuming fewer calories by using smaller bowls and plates to help control your portion sizes. Smaller coffee cups can also be used to limit your daily caffeine intake.

Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day so be patient and make small manageable changes to your diet lifestyle and don’t expect to see drastic results within the first week. For example try following 2 tips for the first 2 weeks and then add another 2 tips for weeks 2-4 and so on until you are eating healthier without realising.